Childhood Trails

From the age of 12 my Family holidays were spent walking long Trails in the Mountains. These where the 1980’s. Together with three other families, The family Korthals Altes, Van Mourik Broekman, Locher and us, the Voors family. Eight parents and nine children. Every year we would go for 3 weeks to another mountain range from the Alps, to Yugoslavia, to Italy, to Morocco. As kids we weren’t asked wether we wanted to go on a walking holiday, we just went. It wasn’t a debate. It was just the normal thing we always did. But we never saw any camping, pool, slides or disco. It was all camping in the wild, swimming in the icy lakes, and always cooking on a wood campfire. The logistics where all down to one Renault 4. Each morning we would break up the entire camp and squeeze it into the Renault, one of the parents would then drive miles and miles around the mountain, buy food in the village and drive to the next valley where the group would meet them in the afternoon to set up camp again. This meant we could all walk with very light backpacks with only lunch, water and the essentials for rain or snow. We would often stop along the trail to learn the basics of rock climbing with ropes or how to descend through a snowfield. We would try to do one or two summits or sleep bivouac outside or in a mountain shelter. We did more than six of these Familie Trails with children, and several new families joined us some years. My parents and the same group of hiking friends continue to hike in the mountains each year for two weeks. They are all now between 71 and 78 years old, are still blessed with good health and the passion to discover new mountains ranges. They still sleep in tents some nights, swim in cold lakes, make fires and above all love being out in the mountains together. Quite an inspiring bunch. They are known as ‘De Takken’, ‘The Branches’. Thank you for passing it on. I’ll do my best to do the same. See Camino with kids.


One thought on “Childhood Trails

  1. Hey Tim ! I am so impressed by all the journeys you have accomplished ! you’ve chosen destinations that in fact I would have myself chosen (Japan and north american west cost).
    I am also impressed that you managed to organize you life to do this. That’s great !
    If you do something like that again maybe I could join you for a bit ? I also love to walk especially in wild nature. Take good care of you, especially of your feet 😉 and enjoy !!
    Big hug cousin

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