88 Trail Gear

During the 88 Temples Trail I was keen to have a low base weight (everything apart from food and drink). Seven days into the trail I gave away about 3 kilos of clothes I simply wasn’t using. As there are very few trash cans or homeless people in Japan, I gave my excess bag of cloths to a passing mini bus full of local politicians campaigning for the upcoming local elections. I hope they gave my XL cloths a good new home. I was now down to 7 kilos base weight, and was quite proud of myself. Later I upgraded my gear with 2 mats and a tent, this took me to 9.93 kilos.


Gear list:

Back Pack: 1700 grams (Deuter Futura 32)

Clothing: 1500 grams, (with Injinji toe socks)

Camelpak 2l: 177 grams

Pilgrim book: 721 grams

Pilgrim hat: 180 grams

Pilgrim staf: 225 grams

Toiletries: 342 grams

Wallet: 166 grams

Rain Poncho: 450 gram (Decathlon Arpenaz)

Sleeping bag: 1045 gram (Wildebeast Impala)

Tent: 2450 grams (South Field 2 personal, $40,-)

Sleeping mats x 2: 873 grams ($7,- each)

Indigo ink: 110 grams

Total: 9939 grams (9.93 kilo or 21911 lb or 11.9 oz) Base weight: excluding water and food.

Shoes: Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot: 550 gram per shoe.


Tent: 2450 grams (South Field 2 personal, $40,-)



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