Planning for the PCT

The next big adventure on the horizon is the PCT. I’ve been dreaming of this epic trail from Mexico to Canada for quite some time, and feel I am ready to take it on. Now the preparation, planning, studying, learning, saving, training and saving up brownie points begins.


The Pacific Crest Trail goes 4286 km or 2600 miles from Mexico to Canada. It goes through the states California, Oregon and Washington.


La Sportiva Wildcat 3.0 is the shoe of choice for the PCT. After a lot of research it turns out that every kilo you wear on your feat is equal to 4 kilos on you back. Trail runners are the new thing so I had to get me some. Apparently you burn through 4 or 5 pairs of these on the PCT.


Lots of reading, studying and preparing. I’ll be taking some navigation and survival courses in the coming months to practice what I learn.


In San Diego I made 7 resuply boxes full of food which I sent forward along the trail to myself. 1.5 months ready waiting for me.


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